A golf club is the main tool to hit the golf ball to the hole. It has been around since the 15th century, originally carved out of wood by golf players and wood crafters. Plain wood materials, metals such as steel and aluminum were slowly incorporated for use on golf clubs. Today golf clubs are made out from various materials more than wood, leather and metal and are available in variants for right and left handed players. Golf clubs are even specially made for men and women.

Discount golf clubs barely have any difference from typically priced golf clubs. In a golf set, there are a at least 14 golf clubs, each made for a specific shot and range so if you break one, you can’t simply think you can use the rest to replace your broken golf club but of course, golf clubs can be bought separately. A golf set, even discount golf club set would set you back at least US$200. While typically each golf club would fetch a 3-digit price, discount golf clubs are priced usually around US$60 up to US$200, depending on the brand and type of golf club. Discount golf clubs in the 3-digit range are usually bundled with a free shipping offer.

Before starting to pick discount golf clubs, first you need to know more about them and their parts.


golfThis is the end used to hit the golf ball. Each kind of golf club varies in the shape of the club and the length of the shaft. Clubs use one face to hit the ball but putters use both since they are symmetrical. A putter (a type of club) has legally two striking face with a loft not over 10 degrees. Golf club heads are normally made from alloys of aluminum (HST Aluminum) and zinc. An alloy means that it has been mixed with other metals to become more durable. Different kinds of steel like 431 stainless steel and 17-4ph stainless steel are used in professional iron and wood heads. High end golf heads use high performing wood and titanium and are preferred by professionals. Even discount golf clubs made from titanium will fetch a high price. Ti-Alloy is a titanium alloy material and is cheaper than pure titanium heads.

Beginner irons and woods include zinc, aluminum alloys and Ti-Alloy. More expensive golf clubs use titanium, 431 and 17-4ph stainless steel, managing steel and tungsten insert.


The hostel is the connection between the club and the shaft. It is lightweight to keep the center of gravity of the club fixed.


The shaft makes up for the length of the club. It is tapered and is commonly made from steel and graphite (a carbon fiber composite). Graphite shafts weigh less than steel shafts. Each shaft is made with a specific kind of shaft flex or the amount the shaft can bend to deliver the force to the ball. The classifications of shaft flex are the following:

1. L/W-Flex: For ladies
2. A-Flex: Senior
3. I-Flex: Soft regular or intermediate
4. R-Flex: Regular
5. S-Flex: Stiff
6. X-Flex: Strong

The kind of shaft would depend on the head speed of the club, measured in mph or kHz. Some companies offer flexes that fall between the categories above. The more flexible the shaft is, the higher the torque.


The grip is the end where the player holds onto. Leather wrap grips are still available but most golfers prefer grips that act as sleeves that they can simply slip unto the shaft. Grips can be bought separately. The grip’s diameter, texture and softness will depend on the golfer’s preference.

Today golf clubs are made out from various materials more than wood, leather and metal and are available in variants for right and left handed players. Golf clubs are even specially made for men and women. For more details please visit


Over the last few years, silicone wristbands have been considerably popular. Lots of different people are wearing these bracelets that they customized according to their preferences. There are various types of silicone rubber wristbands, which have captured the interest of both teenagers and adults alike. There are several reasons they are so popular.


Wristbands are really easy to customize. You can pick your preferred colour, lettering  style, artwork, and perhaps the most important is that you can put your own personalized design and statement. You could make your wristbands stand out by using colour combinations  with segmented and swirled wristbands; include a larger design with one inch or ¾ inch  wristbands; wear several of them with micro wristbands, which are just half the size of the  usual wristband; or wear finger bands, which you can use like a ring. You can also make them  really useful. Instead of wearing them on your wrists, you can make keychain bands out of  them.


Rubber wristbands are 100% made from silicone, which is why they will surely last for a long  time. Silicone wristbands are not made with latex to ensure that they are durable, high  quality and non-allergenic. They are also waterproof, heat-resistant, and because of their  elastic elements, they are also stretchable.


Given that these wristbands are truly useful, they are also very much affordable. Whether you are using these silicone bracelets to support a cause or promote your brand, you will receive much more for your money with these products compared to other items like mugs, umbrellas, or T-shirts. Since wristbands are stylish, they will not be thrown away like a business card or a flyer.

Versatile Products

People use these bracelets for a lot of various purposes. Since they became widely known several years ago when they were sported for cancer research and awareness, many other groups began using silicone bracelets for other awareness efforts, including social issues, specific cancer diseases and other illnesses. It did not take too long for others to realize that these wristbands are a simple, yet really useful way to create awareness for certain causes.

silicon wristband

Now, take a further look at the versatility of these rubber bracelets. Other common uses for silicone rubber bracelets include:

•    As a fashion statement – so many people use these bracelets to a make a cool fashion statement. Certain groups of people wear them a lot, including sports personalities. A lot of athletes sport these custom wristbands as part of their outfit. Some other people use these bracelets as a means of expressing themselves, particularly teens who love wearing them in different colours. Other people also use them for identification purposes within a certain team. In any way, silicone wristbands are really excellent fashion accessories. You would see a lot of people wearing these wristbands all over the place. They are appealing not only because of their specific purposes, but also because they come in different colours and style, and people can imprint their message.

•    To Support a Sports Team – silicone rubber wristbands have not been created only for athletic people because lot of sports and gaming fans also like wearing them. These people customize their wristbands with the name, logo, and colour of their favourite teams. They can use their bracelets like some kind of a badge so they can make a great statement. Rubber bracelets are also really effective in boosting the morale of members of a team. It can be a great way for a person to show their support for their team during a tournament or any kind of sporting event.

•    As a Fundraiser – since silicone wristbands are being used to raise awareness for certain causes, they are also used by different organizations as items to raise funds. These rubber bracelets not only help in spreading awareness, but they can also help to support these causes.

•    Promotional Product for Businesses – certainly, companies want their brand to be as well-known as possible in order for them to have prospective customers and make more sales. Wristbands are known to be an excellent promotional item that companies can use in order to get their word out. When you give out these promotional products, the cool thing about them is that your customers would actually use them. This makes wristbands a huge help for many companies because a lot of other companies give out items that people are not really using. The main purpose it to make the brand name known and have a recall to as many people. Of course, that will not happen if people will not use the promotional items that you are giving out. They will just be a waste of your effort and your company’s valuable money. To make sure that your promotional item will be useful, you can give out silicone wristbands instead.

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There are various types of silicone rubber wristbands, which have captured the interest of both teenagers and adults alike. There are several reasons they are so popular. To know more reasons visit :

Whether you are introducing a new product or service or launching a new business, promotional items are important tools for your marketing strategy. An effective promotional item is equivalent to an increase in potential clients, leading to possible sales and profits.

landyardLanyards have been used for years now as give away items. If you are considering them for your own business’ marketing strategy, take the time to study the following. There are advantages and disadvantages for using these straps as your promotional items.

Why you should say yes to lanyards as promotional items:

1. They are practical and widely used :

When people use and display your promotional items, they are technically advertising your business, for free. Lanyards have so many uses that it is almost a rare circumstance that the recipients of your gift items would not use them. These straps can hold important items that you need to be with you at all times such as keys, ID’s, whistles or flash drives. They can also hold heavy and big items such as cameras, cellphones, and water bottles. Both kids and adults would enjoy receiving items like these, for free.

2. They are economical :

You do not want to spend so much on promotional items, right? The perfect solution is this. These straps do not cause so much compared with other promotional items. For minimum orders of 100 pieces, you could have a lanyard worth $1.50 -$3.00 a piece, depending on the following:

•    Type of printing. Choose from the following options: screen printing, embossed, hot stamping, laser engraving or full colors.
•    Type of material. Available materials are nylon, polyester, braided leather, cotton, silk and satin, to name just a few.
•    Number of days to deliver. The more number of days, the more savings. If it is rush or urgent order, additional charges would apply.
•    Shipment. Usually, the lanyard company would offer this service for free if your location is not so far from them.
•    Attachments. The price can vary on the attachment that you would like. Your choices would include rings, clips, hooks, cell phone or water holder, adjustable cord and breakaway connector.

They are readily available. There are many companies accepting orders for these straps. Most of them can be found online. Look at the packages and if your requirement matches that of the company, you could always ask for a quotation. Most companies would ask for two weeks time frame from the time of order to the day of delivery. Still, if you really need these straps earlier than that, you could avail of the hot stamping type of printing and have these in 3-7 days time. If it is not peak season, such as Christmas, you can expect earlier delivery time.

Why you should say no to lanyards as promotional items:

1. Some types of printing are easily erased making them unrecognizable or unreadable. This defeats the purpose of why you are giving them away in the first place –as promotional items to promote your business. You could opt for those types of printing that would last longer but it can put a strain on your budget.

2. Some people do not like to use lanyards as these items sometimes get easily caught with other things. Or they are nuisances during meal times, where they usually fall exactly on your plate and on the food. These reasons may cause these people not to use your promotional items.

Carefully consider the recipients, your product or service and your budget before you finally decide if lanyards would be the ideal promotional items for your business. Doing so could lead to more clients and profits for you rather than losses.

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There are many companies accepting orders for these straps. Most of them can be found online. They are readily available on

Challenge coins are always associated with military people but these coins are not limited to them. Anyone can have custom coins as either a memoir or token of membership. As of today, various organizations recognize the importance of giving out customized challenge coins to the members. Aside from a symbol of being a member of the military or any government offices, challenge coins have three general uses. These include the following:

Membership insignia

Insignia coins have engravings that include a logo, name of the organization, or name of the person, year of membership and among other things that the company decides to include into the coin. They symbolize the corporate values, mission, and vision of an organization. In creating custom coins for an organization, the artwork should meticulously be made to portray the hard work and honor the organization projects to the community, to convey support to the members and to promote pride for the organization.

Token of Appreciation

Most tokens of appreciation include the name of meritorious award and the name of the awardees. Sometimes it is uniquely design or is completely different from the usual challenge coins awarded by an organization to its members. On some cases, the coin is the same with the membership badge except for a serial number or any distinction that separates the design as different.


Some people collect custom coins. They create a design that no one possesses. Sometimes, they often distribute these coins to other people; mostly to someone they are closed with, maybe a relative or a friend. Creating your own design is more valuable than with the coins that are mass produced and being sold in the market.

Methods Used

In coin production, two methods are used. The method used depends on the design and purpose of the coin.

Die casting

It is the process of creating custom coins by melting metal and pouring it on a mold or a cast. Die cast is good for complex designs, coins that require details. It is used for producing military challenge coins since die-casted coins can withstand wear and tear longer.

Custom Coins

Aside from that, the surface quality has a smoother finish. The limitations for die-casting is the design rendering. Most die-casted coins are rendered only in two-dimensional levels. Though three-dimensional coins are possible, it requires a more elaborate cast or mold to create the coin, which means, it is costlier. In addition, letters in die casted coins have more rounded finish.

Another downside of die-casting is the cost of production. The manufacturer has to create molds for the coin. Thus, through mass production, cost is offset with the number of coins for producing. The more coins are produced in one batch, the lower the cost.

Die struck

In this method, coins are produced in levels. It uses stamping on the metal with tons of pressure. From there, the second or third level is glued on top of the first level to produce the 2D or 3D images. Images and letterings in a die struck challenge coins have a step like finish when inspected through magnification. Since the metals are glued together, die striking is not suitable for coins that are subjected to constant environmental stress. Such coins wear out easily. Thus, die striking is only applicable to coins with simple designs.

In conclusion, the purpose and the design determine the method used in producing the custom coins. Die-casting produces a smoother finish and is suitable for coins with complex designs, and that are exposed to environmental factors. However, die-casting requires mass production to offset the cost of production. Die struck method offers low cost of production but not last longer as a die casted coin.

Media Signage

Media SignageSince the dawn of humanity, people have always felt the need to communicate. Especially nowadays, when attention spans have shortened and distractions have multiplied, it has become important for people to maximize the ability to present information in an engaging and effective manner.

ImageFortunately, recent advances in technology have enabled a solution to appear in the form of rich media signage. As its name implies, it is capable of utilizing animation and audio for conveying information to audiences. In this aspect, they are superior to traditional signage, which are limited to using static text and images.

Digital signage is extraordinarily versatile. Due to the way they present information, they can be used in a wide variety of applications.


Of course, the most obvious use for rich media signage is advertising. Digital signage has more impact than traditional signage, due to its extensive use of rich media. Research suggests that people pay 10 times more attention to advertisement that utilizes digital signage. In addition, a single digital signage system can be used to display multiple advertisements, eliminating the need for changing billboards or replacing posters every time a new product or service is released.

Additionally, the potential of digital signage systems to display dynamic content is promising. For example, digital billboards can be programmed to display appropriate content based on the current time or day of the week.

Public Service Announcements

Due to its high impact, digital signage can also be used by governments to announce pertinent information to their citizens. Whether health agencies need to alert people to the dangers of avian flu or tax authorities want to remind citizens to pay taxes promptly, digital signage is a good way to attract the attention of people and help them better understand what is being conveyed.

Within Groceries and Restaurants

Rich media signage can be used within groceries to display deals, promos, or special discounts. Unlike conventional posters and flyers, which are only useful until the offers they display expire, store managers can simply update the content displayed by the content manager system, scheduling when and how frequent such content should be displayed. Digital signage can also be used in queue management, in which customers are assigned numbers and then wait for their number to be announced.

With the use of digital signage, customers often report faster service and greater overall satisfaction, even though waiting times may have not changed significantly. This is due to the effect of rich media signage on perceived waiting times. As people focus their attention on the digital displays, their ability to track elapsed time weakens slightly. Thus, they are more willing to endure long waiting times.

Moreover, digital signage can be used to interact with customers. For example, electronic kiosks can be used to direct lost shoppers to the location of certain items. Scanners can be utilized to show product information and pricing to interested customers.

Within Firms

Signage4Digital signage can be used to replace audio intercoms, which can only convey a limited amount of information. Aside from that, digital signage systems are more noticeable than static posters or dull audio announcement systems, resulting in greater employee engagement and higher efficiency. Corporate announcements and memorandums can be easily transmitted throughout a building using a system of display equipment and content servers. In the case of emergencies, rich media signage can also remind people on safety protocols and direct them to the closest escape exits.

The flexibility of digital signage systems enables them to be used for many purposes. Additionally, their ability to generate high interest gives them a huge advantage over conventional systems. As technology continues to grow, the capabilities of digital signage will only continue to increase. Undoubtedly, they represent the future of information dissemination.